lg e 970 apn

From Setting Select the network tab


Select the Tethering & Network

Now select the mobile networks

Now Select Access Point names

Once you get that blank screen, click the menu button on the right, right next to the home button, and select “New APN”

Select each item and enter the data as given by your service provider

Once it is all done, now hit the menu button again and hit save.

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Nexus 9 Fastboot

I had a need to reinstall the image in my Nexus 9 tablet. the recommended way was to go through the fastboot. Download the images from the google website. Then get the tablet to the fastboot and then install the software.

Make sure that you have adb and other tools installed in your computer. With the debugging enabled the

$adb devices

should give you as below

List of devices attached
HT4AJJT03366 device

should list your devices, if it is says unauthorized then you need to accept the dialog box “Allow debugging” in the tablet, that you authorize the computer to access the tablet.

Now issue the command

adb reboot recovery

This will take you the HBOOT or fastboot screen.

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Debian Start network

Start network after reboot

Based on my configuration, after booting the linux machine it doesn’t automatically start the network manager and establish internet connection.

I used to do

/etc/init.d/network restart

the above command doesn’t do anything

my /etc/network/interfaces file looks like this

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
iface eth0 inet dhcp
iface eth1 inet dhcp

So to start the network all i have to do is

ifup eth1

The above command will start eth1 interface

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Note 4 unlock screen

Type in this code in the dialpad


Then it will ask for the code that you purchased from somebody else.

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Automate Git Bash

Connect to Linux machine

How to connect to a linux machine from a git bash terminal on Windows 7 machine.
Git bash is already a batch command executed from the dos command prompt.
So if you want to execute a linux shell script such as


, then you need to create a batch file that will start a git bash terminal and then execute this shell script.

First create a shell script that looks like as follows

export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0
ssh -X -p <port_number>  -i <location_of_the_private_key>  <user@server>

The above shell script will set the display to forward X11 and use the private key to connect to the linux machine.

Now create the batch file

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\sh.exe" --login -i -- C:\Projects\connect_to_jc.sh"
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Git Bash has scp but not sftp.

$scp -i <identity_file_name> -P <port_number> ./201* user_name@hot_name:<destination_directory>

Now i can upload all the files that start with 201, and as long as i’m in the same folder where the files


It is very easy to perform upload and download files once we get into the sftp shell.
It can be done by issuing the following command. If you don’t have the public/private key implemented then you
have to enter the password to login.

$sftp -i<identify_file_name> -P<port_number> user_name@host_name

Once you are in the shell, it will look like this


To upload a file

sftp>put <file_name>

To download a file

sftp>get <file_name>
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LG E970 Tricks

Go to Factory Reset

You can go to LG Factory reset, only if the bootloader is not unlocked. Then turn the phone completely off.
Hold the volume down button and then press the power button.

Go to download mode

Once rooted and the bootloader unlocked it will be difficult to go to download mode. So power off the system. then hold both power up + down button. Then connect power through the usb port. Now you are in the download mode. The system won’t go to download mode, if the battery is below 50%.

Hidden Menu



when in stock rom

Unlock LG E970

How to unlock your LG E970

Model: LG E970

1 – Insert a non-accepted or an accepted sim card
2 – Go to dial screen and press 2945#*970#
3 – Select Network Lock (Once selection of Network lock and it say Not Yet Personalized then please select the service provider and input the SPCK code)

NCK = Network Lock
NSCK = Network Subset Lock
SPCK = Service Provider Lock

99.9% of the time you just need NCK or SPCK

If Phone says, “Code Accepted” or “Network Unlock Successful” or “Not Yet Personalized” your phone is fully unlocked

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Gimp – Passport Photo


You already have a picture that is 2″ x 2″ and meets all the regulations of the passport office.

Here is the original picture


The goal is to create a tile of pictures i.e., 4″x6″ standard photo that will give you 6 of the pictures that you need like below




  1. Open the picture that you want to use as your passport picture in gimp.
  2. Make sure that it is resized to 2″ x 2″ using the image resize option. Save that as your original.
  3. Filters->Map->Tile option from the menu and it will look like this


Select the correct size of the new image which is 4″x6″ and the aspect ratio should be unlinked. Also select “Create a new Image”. It should look as below


Now press OK, you got your passport picture in tile.

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Git list remote

To list the remote url for your git repositories

git remote -v


git config --get remote.config.url
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ADB Unauthorized


When you type

$adb devices

you would like to see

List of devices attached
2284239abd982342 device

Instead you are seeing

22982342ab29834 unauthorized

Standard Procedure

That is when you connect you device for the first time, after enable developer options by touching the build number so many times and enabling the USB Debugging, the device will give you some RSA ID and ask you whether you want to allow the PC to debug the device. You have to say yes and also check the box that always allow from the device.


You are connecting the device, you don’t get the dialog box at all. Now you don’t know what to do.
There are several solutions all over the web

  1. You can choose revoke previous authorization in the developer options so that it will ask again. unplug the device.
    $adb kill-server
    $adb start-server

    plug the device. now you should see the dialog box

  2. Go to your .android folder. if it is Windows 7, then it is in c:\users\user_name\.android and delete the folder. before deleting the folder unplug the device first and then plug it back again.
  3. People talk about delete the /data/adb/adb_key from the device, i never found this file.
  4. The final answer that worked for me was making sure that the correct adb usb driver is installed as per this link
    You may skip this step if Device Manager lists your phone as “Android Phone -> Android Composite ADB Interface.” If it does not, this is likely your root cause.
    Go to the Google USB Driver page and download the latest driver directly from Google. Extract the zip file to a folder you know and will remember in the future.
    Open up Device Manger in Windows with your LGE-970 connected. Whatever your LGE-970 is currently detected as, right click on it and select Properties. Then, in the Driver tab, hit “Uninstall.” If available, select “Delete the driver software for this device.” and hit “OK.” It will remove the old drivers.
    Restart your computer.
    After restarting, reconnect your LGE-970. It should be recognized as an unknown device in the Device Manager. (If it isn’t, try the previous driver deletion steps again.)Right click on the unknown LGE-970 device, choose Properties, and in the Driver tab again select “Update driver.” Browse your computer manually by putting in the path to the new Google USB Drivers you unzipped to a folder of your choice in the beginning of this step. Choose next and your drivers should install! You’ll know everything completed successfully when you see the phone listed under “Android Phone -> Android Composite ADB Interface” in Device Manager.
    This is the most finicky process, so don’t be afraid to reboot your computer a time or two and repeat these steps if they don’t work on the first try.
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